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Elektronik"blog" by F. Meisel

In this "Lab diary" I publish information, photos, thoughts and plans of my Private projects.
In the dropdown you can find links to the different categories.
I also documented my workspace and all sorts of equippment.
Most of the components for my projects are sourced from China.
LCSC/JLCPCB are my primary sources.
But if I need fast delivery and better quality I usually go to Reichelt.
Even if it might seem like I am affiliated with some vendors, I really am not.
No sponsors, just services I like to use.

You have ideas for projects/improvements or just want to get in contact?

Natürlich kennen sie schon die Deutsche Webseite:
Deutsche Version

This website is still work in progress. Some links/contents may not work.
At the moment the project "Webappearance" stands still, but I will still update this site in the future given time and motivation.
Last worked on: 25.10.2020